#KeepAloha is a deep self care movement for the soul. It’s a lifelong mission to aid women in reclaiming and magically recreating their past via contemporary Hula and Tahitian dance that is grounded in nature, spirit, and meditation.

#KeepAloha, doesn’t mean you walk around taking from others consistently and keeping all of that for yourself.

It means you self care deeply, do what feels good and healthy, and build your own energy reserves so that your healthy ecosystem (link) can provide for yourself first, then for others as you wish with the surplus.

If we take the energetic ecosystem analogy a bit further…Without #KeepAloha, you might be giving your power and energy away to a special tree who periodically dangles a feeling that you should actually be providing for yourself in front of you. Then you go to other trees, demand that those trees owe you flowers because life is so painful and after taking those flowers tell the tree that the little drop of water you are giving it costs a lot of time, effort, and money for you. You will emphasize to the tree, that this little drop is really important. And how much it should mean to the tree.

If your ecosystem (because of #KeepAloha and choosing yourself first consistently) is healthy, you are able to gracefully give a bucket of rain to a tree before you ask to pluck it’s flowers for a lei. And if the tree is not able to give you flowers…No biggie. You have another bucket full of rain and you can simply ask another tree or grow your own flowers.

But here’s the thing. Next time, because you are savvy, you probably won’t go up to that same tree with a free bucket of water. Because choosing yourself and keeping a healthy energetic system means that everything in your life has balance. And only giving or only taking does not provide that healthy balance.

In the first situation, there is an energetic flow of surplus because everything is in balance. In the second, there is an energetic mindset of scarcity and pain because you are only giving to a certain person and only taking from others.

So I ask you this. Which way will you choose? Will you join me and #KeepAloha?


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