Our Energetic Ecosystem of Life

Nature is all about beautiful cycles and balance. The rain falls onto the earth, creating a rich environment for trees and our oceans, which in turn evaporate and provide the much needed moisture for our clouds which again provide rain.

Now let’s extrapolate a bit. Imagine that we each have our own energetic ecosystems (because we do).

Imagine that we are the rain. Our children, our friends, our family, our work, our volunteering, our significant others are the trees, lakes, and oceans.

What happens when we do not ask or require them to reciprocate? What happens when we allow any one of them (or even several) to just take?

Our energetic ecosystem goes out of balance (no more life-giving rain). We then unknowingly or unconsciously take from others’ ecosystems without giving back. This leaves everyone at an imbalance. Grasping for more energy and feeling unappreciated, undervalued, and frankly just cranky.

What if…

What if we teach our children to respect and appreciate. What if we ask our significant others for support and help gently. What if we consciously choose ourselves and walk away from obligations and scenarios which only drain and do not give back?

As you choose yourself, you will model a healthy form of energetic wellness that others will be able to find more easily also, if they so choose.

Everyone and everything can be taught to reciprocate in some form or manner. This is not selfish. This is actually the most unselfish thing you will ever do in life. Because when you are energetically healthy, you will be able to provide for your ecosystem in a much more powerful and enjoyable capacity.

So go on. No more martyr. No more identifying yourself as a “giver”. Choose you, #KeepAloha, and get and give more in life.


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