Overcoming depression through Hula, Self Celebrate through Hula, Taking Back Energetic Power from domestic and emotional violence through Hula dance, Women Empowerment through HulaAbout two months ago, I moved and left behind a life with someone I thought I had loved for over 2 decades. So when I did this self celebration photo shoot with Russ, I told him…”I burned it all to the ground. It’s all ashes now. Make me rise like a phoenix, baby!”

Life is funny sometimes. It’s not what we think it will turn out to be. I never in a million years would have thought that shy, quirky, nerdy me would have quit life as an elementary school teacher to open my own business (the year I made tenure, no less!)

I never would have thought that clumsy me would be teaching hula and in such a non-traditional way. Women find me to become empowered. They find me to dance out their unexpressed feelings of loss of loved ones, They find me to take back their energetic power from the person who put them through domestic/emotional violence. They find me to climb back their way, tooth and nails, from edges of depression.

Because I know that pain deeply. I can feel it. And I have lived it.

Hula and Tahitian dance has helped me so very very much. I went from a shy girl who would not say a single word in elementary school to someone who can confidently go into any job interview and nail the job, and I now have a semi sick (I’ve been told jokingly) love of giving presentations and cold calls.

For these reasons and for this “bigger picture”, I ask humbly for your positive love and support of this new cause called #KeepAloha and the new business Hula Academy. My amazing husband…

Please support and join me here.


Learn hula motions from sparkling "aloha" to fun "drive a car"

BONUS: Pretty Hula Hand meditations.

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